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Expedition-Motorhome MAN 19.403 FALSX   

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Self-construction cabin
Edelstahlstaukaesten und Unterfahrschutz
The chassis preparation of this Expedition-Motorhome was performed by the customer. There was a - specially
designed for semitrailer - 3 point mount with subframe and spare wheel fixture developed. The self-construction
cabin is made of 60 mm GFK laminated sandwich panels that guarantee best possible temperature and sound
The vehicle is equipped with tailor-
made storage containers including
slope angles made out of stainless
steel. One of the containers to store
natural gas cylinders provides required
air vents.
Additional features like storage
compartment lids, main door with multi-lock
mechanism and a large roof hatch are
added. The entry-system contains our
proven pull-out staircase made of
aluminum/stainless steel.
The underride guard is hydraulically extendible enabling the best slope angle adjustment during off- road rides
which offers high comfort.
Further installations will be performed by the customer.
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