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Expedition-Motorhome EXCAP STEYR 12 M 21

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Expeditionsmobil EXCAP STEYR 12 M 21
The chassis of this Expedition-Motorhome has been refurbished and reconditioned by Fa. EXCAP. The interior
is done by the customer. Following activities have been performed in-house:

The interior is done by the customer.
   Cabin with 6 degree angled walls,
     divided entry door and slope angle
  Wheelbase-extension by 650 mm
  Universal 4-point mount
   Fuel tank system with 3 tanks, total
     capacity 980 l including switches and
     Separ filtration
  Stainless-steel storage containers
   Stairs with platform
   Passage to driver cabin
   Tire pressure control equipment
Expeditionsmobil STEYR 12 M 21
Einstiegsystem u Tankanlage am Expeditionsmobil
Entry-system with platform
Customized fuel tank with emergency entry, entrance-system and storage container made of stainless-steel