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All-wheel-drive Motorhome DB 917 A

The chassis including mount diesel tanks
and self-construction cabin was provided
for further installations.
Allradreisemobil DB 917 A
The vehicle was built as all-wheel-drive Motorhome with flexible mount self-construction cabin. Chassis preparation
and extension of the fuel tanks was performed by the customer.
The manufacturing of the entry-system, of the cabin door and storage-compartment lids was done by us.
Four PABST-Air Tec windows with subframe were also installed, even with outside cabin.
Furthermore, a 150 x 100cm size roof hatch and a SEPAR filter with manual pump was implemented. Additional installations were performed by the customer.
Technical features:
Entry-system made of
Chassis: MB 917A
Wheel base: 3090mm
Main cabin GFK laminated
sandwich panel
Measures inside:
4300 x 2330 x 2000mm
Wall thickness: 60mm
Manufacturing of the GFK laminated
sandwich panel cabin.