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South America, between the Caribbean and Tierra del Fuego

South America-the huge continent between the Caribbean Sea and Cape Hoorn-is fascinating, it deserves mindful travelers who are prepared to experience it’s various characteristics

South America holds a variety of stunning natural and cultural adventures. The uniqueness and beauty of the different countries will inspire one over and over.

Macchu Picchu, ancient city covered with tropical forest, discovered in the 20 th century, shows the advanced culture of the Inkas.

Amazon rain forest, impressive Iguacu waterfalls, high summits and volcanoes in the Andes, Altiplano, picturesque lakes, grand Patagonia with gigantic ice walls of Perito Moreno glacier, that collapse into Lago Argentino. Weird rock formations of Fiz Roy and Torres del Paine and last but not least, the Indios and the various peoples living in South America will impress visitors again and again.

South America slide show

Indiofrau mit Alpaca